Long Lake Living

The owners bought this property because they have a longtime emotional connection with Long Lake, a gorgeous lake in Maine. They wanted to design a home that would maximize views of the lake in summertime and create a warm and cozy home feeling in all seasons.

When making revisions to waterfront property, it’s imperative to work within the guidelines set forth by the town and abide by setback rules, roof height restrictions and other guidance that governs waterfront improvement projects. For this home, the existing property was extremely run-down so there was extensive work to be done.  While the new home was rebuilt over the existing foundation (in order to comply with existing setback restrictions), the plans called for significant expansion of the second floor area. We raised the roofline substantially, so we needed to gain approval from the town.

We have extensive experience working with local town planning and zoning offices and understand the importance of maintaining respectful relations between the town, the homeowners, our design team and all the engineers and builders involved. By submitting complete drawings that showed adherence to existing guidance and showing clearly where and why we needed a variance, we were able to add a new master suite that drastically added to the value of the home.

We transformed the look from a red clapboard to a grey shingle style that upgraded the look while still fitting comfortably with the beautiful waterfront setting.