A Modern Cottage in Wolfeboro

Some clients come to us because they want more individualized service and more unique design ideas.

The Reason for Architectural Design Services

In the development of this Wolfeboro Modern Cottage, our client started their project with a local draftsman and a generic set of drawings from a magazine, but quickly learned the difference between ‘a draftsman and cookie cutter construction drawings’ versus working with a designer who understands architecture and provides bespoke architectural design services.

Maximize the Lot

When you begin designing someone’s home, you have to start with the land, taking into consideration both the strong features of the property as well as its limitations. For this project, the placement of the septic system on the lot made the available building area very tight. Our attention to detail as it relates to setback limitations, town ordinances and restrictions, and overall land features allow us to maximize the lot in a way that a draftsman simply wouldn’t have considered.

Balanced Design Features

The design professionals at Lakeshore Associates listened to the client’s desires and developed a more simplified layout that allowed for more desirable open spaces and a less complicated layout. The kitchen and great room became more open and inviting and provided a better gathering area for both dining and entertainment.

The original design had a difficult front elevation that featured columns that the client really liked; unfortunately, the columns didn’t relate to the windows and included a poorly designed front entry. We were able to make recommendations that maintained the desirable elements while simplifying the design for better flow and allowing for improved and less complicated proportions.  These recommendations enhanced the design while at the same time lowering the overall construction cost to help the clients stay within budget without forfeiting the most pleasing design features to create a feeling of richness and sense of beauty so important to the final design spaces.

Elegant Private Spaces

The odd proportions of the original master bedroom design had been poorly laid out; our solution provided better dimensions and newfound space that allowed for a beautiful and relaxing master bath area featuring a soaking tub in a bay window. Our solutions provided better dimensions, and the bay window made possible.

Design Build Service

As with many of our projects, we worked hand-in-hand with Madore Construction to provide complete design-build services to our client that created a gorgeous and charming cottage tucked in the woods in Wolfeboro, NH.